Cowboy Coaching

Wisdom for Taking the Reins of Your Life

You want to be the sponsor, proud owner, and champion of your own life? Then you need to take charge.

Oh… I’ll bet you don’t know how.

Well, I do. I did it for my own life and I can show you how to improve every dimension of your life so that it can be all that you want it to be and RAISE your expectations in the process.

Most people set low goals, and then can’t even reach those. The biggest challenge is you. You get in your own way. The questions aren’t what you think they are, and the answers are inside of you.

About Cowboy Wisdom

Cowboy Wisdom is:

  • unconditional love
  • the voltage to amplify life to enlightened people to engage in the game of life
  • a vision of empowering positive experiences in the mind, body and spirit
  • choosing to honor Core Values without compromise.
  • living from the inside out, in the present time, filled with unconditional love from an open heart.
  • your authentic self being grounded, whole, centered and balanced in all facets of your life.
  • sending forth from your heart a positive, harmonious vibration of unconditional love and empowering creative mental images to the universe.
  • living life simply, uncomplicated, easily, effortlessly and continuously everyday in everyday under grace in a perfect way.

Cowboy Wisdom has five principles to live a life of lavish abundance. Accepting who you are right now and accepting all facets of your life now allows you to start utilizing new life changing ideas and approaches to living the life you desire. Begin by using these five “A” principles:

  • Ask for what you desire. Be specific about what you want in your life.
  • Aim for your goals. Zero in on your intentions and goals.
  • Allow yourself to manifest your intentions. Give yourself permission.
  • Action in positive thoughts and doing whatever it takes to end up with your desired goal.
  • Accept and receive the result of your intentions and goals.

Cowboy Wisdom dares people to live their dreams, goals, and desires in abundance.

Cowboy Wisdom allows relationships and friendships to occur in your/my life easily, effortlessly everyday in everyday under grace in a perfect way.

Cowboy Wisdom is here to partner and support you on your journey to living abundantly in mind, body and spirit. Dare to live your goals dreams and desires in your own way.


Fees for Cowboy Wisdom Coaching

 Private coaching

3 – one hour sessions per month – $150

Group Coaching

In person – One hour sessions weekly – $200 per month
Telecoaching – One hour sessions weekly – $100 per month


One hour teleclass – $25
Two hour teleclass – $50