Wired For Change by a Journeyman

Wired For Change by a Journeyman

cover-front200Rob’s first book, Wired For Change by a Journeyman, is his personal story of how his life transformed from being a journeyman electrician to becoming a life possibilities coach and motivational speaker. This book has recently been published and currently he has several more in process.

Here is a sample from Wired For Change by a Journeyman:

Anger used to be my specialty. Anger is an ego protection mechanism that makes us feel safe. Anger is us thinking when we get angry that we will get our own way. Anger is a false sense of security. People think, “as long as I am angry, people will be scared”. However, we usually make fools of our selves when we are angry.

I could take nothing and blow it up into a mountain-sized problem. I can remember driving home from work one night. Something had happened to me at work that was trivial and about two miles from home I had worked myself into a frenzy. I went home and took my feelings out on everybody there…as though everything that happened to me was the most important event of the day. What a crock! All I did was ruin a perfectly good evening. I let something that didn’t matter at all control my life.

Pent up anger can be a cause of cancer or ulcers. You have to ask yourself, “Is this really worth getting angry over?” When anger is controlling you, you are attached to the outcome.

The back cover of Wired for Change by a Journeyman has this to say:


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