Fear Is My Friend

The key to a fantastic future has Been discovered by Robert Wilson!
Fear is My Friend… opening my heart!

Robert Wilson, a man I’ve spoken about in the past, is a stellar individual with the power to help people get over the trials and tribulations of life and see only the good that stands before us – just waiting for us to reach out and capture it for ourselves. This man has created an instant audio download entitled Fear is My Friend. I have to tell you quite honestly that Robert Wilson changed my views about a great many things.

A lot of life is used up in waiting, in fear and in complete anger. Yes, some of this is highly warranted at the time, BUT… wouldn’t life be easier if we found a way to turn all that negativity into something so positive that our lives could be 100% better than they were before? There are people out there in this world who lie, scam, cheat – and do much worse things when it comes to mankind. There are gossipers, back-biters – all kinds of titles and categories that various people fall into that seem to actually want to hurt us in some way. Whether they’re climbing the ladder of success, or simply using your talents in order to make their world a better place – these moments of negativity happen all the time. BUT, Fear is My Friend showed me – as it will show to all of you – the factors that hold us up from doing what we want to do in life, or bring us down because we are hurt when something is hurled at us from left field. This hurt, anger and far is inside OURSELVES, and WE are the ones that can break away from that person, thing, job, etc., that is making us feel this way. WE are the ones that can take all that anger and fear that has built up inside of us and simply… let it go.

For a brief recap, Robert Wilson is a life coach. Definition? A man who has been through the proverbial wringer. He’s seen it, lived it, and lost his courage at times during his life. He’s let fear take over, just like the rest of us do, but he found a way to take all that negativity and change it. No, it’s not easy – but Fear is My Friend is the perfect and only way to make this transformation happen.

Politics offers a world based on backstabbing and ridiculousness. The workplace and issues of jobless rates harm each of us – instilling the age-old fear that even though we despise the job, we have to do it in order to pay the bills. Do you know what that brings? I’ll tell you. It brings illness. Our brain, muscles, joints and nerves tense up. We feel tired all the time and listless. We can’t see past the fact that there’s not enough money to do the things we want or save the money we want to save in order to give our children an education and a better life. So we deal with it. We continue. Even though our bodies and minds are becoming ill from the choice. Why? Because we were told a good, long time ago that this is what we HAD to do. We also HAD to deal with mean people and keep our mouths shut in order to get that paycheck. Can you do this? I can’t.

My time ended a year ago when I simply couldn’t take getting more and more sick by doing a job I literally could not stand. I was taking my own energy away from myself and my daughter – and it was not right. I have no desire to head to an early grave because I did what I was supposed to do – and then hope that there’s some angel up there who will show me Paradise. I don’t want to wait until I’m dead in order to get a pain-free life; I want to live life now while I still have the chance to do it!

Fears are ingrained pain of my fiery, egotistical arrogance – old hurts that bring up deep emotional drama that flat out traumatizes me. Fears are nothing but false evidence – only appearing to be real.

That’s what Robert Wilson maintains and explores in Fear is My Friend. He learned that the fear was getting him down and leading him on a path he simply didn’t want to walk. Who can change that? Only he can… and he did.

All of this sharp-witted awareness has opened me up to realize that fears are ingrained imprints in the subliminal landscape. They keep me stuck at the buffet of fear, growing overweight while waiting to open the gate as my date with procrastination baits me.

Robert Wilson speaks volumes in Fear is My Friend, and he makes us fully realize the fact that the second we accept that one thing in life and learn from it, we heal. We are suddenly able to open our mouths, deal with the fear, and rise above it. We are able to express ourselves as individuals and not deal with what the so-called “brilliant others” have to say. In other words, our own individual warrior who’s buried deep inside of us is finally able to rise up and take over. He/she is able to lead us through the world with courage, strength and a backbone that’s made of iron.

When we do this our life becomes lucrative – from the relationship mode to the financial mode – if we take over our own lives and our own destinies instead of being ruled over by the ones who say they know how to fix things. It is then that we become the masters and mistresses of our own destinies.

No, this is not a fairy-tale; this is absolute truth. We have all come up against liars, hateful humans, and people who simply want to roll through life by rolling over others. But Robert Wilson’s words change all that. In fact, what he does best is allow us to go back to being the people we were. He allows us to let go of the negative and horrific thoughts, and begin again.

I let go of history!

So many people – including myself – are guilty of holding on to that day, hour, or year – that was horrific, but the anger, hatred, rough times, etc., need to be let go of so we can all see that freedom belongs to each of us. It is our divine right. Being able to express ideas, and work our way up the ladder of OUR own choosing belongs to us. We can be free to see the awe-inspiring, regal, rich sapience that enriches life, as well as raise our children to understand that their inner-self is far more important than what any television show, controlling boss, or professional backbiter has to offer.

All of this comes from inside us, and no matter who tries to break that down or destroy our beliefs, they can’t. Our armor of protection is our own mind, heart and soul and no one – no fear – can bury us unless WE let it.

I am telling you, we all need hope, faith, or even a rebuilding of self-confidence, and that’s why Robert Wilson can change our lives. This is not a “someday” issue – this is a “right now event” that you must do in order to put yourself back on that path of freedom! Fear is My Friend is a truly amazing set that WILL unleash your warrior and… save your life!

Amy Lignor
The Write Companion

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How many times have you watched or thought about the sunrise – that break of day where everything is good, peaceful and filled with the feelings of hope and enlightenment that the next few hours to come will be absolutely perfect? How many movies or television shows has the cameraman allowed you to witness that awesome spectacle as it breaks the horizon line and lights the way? How many books have you read where the characters are either beginning or ending in front of that sunset, as they embark on a path that either leads to love, wealth, happiness, or wisdom?

Well… this writer just sat down and listened to a tremendous CD that actually brought me back to the days that showed me a sunrise. No, I’ve not lost it. Yes, every day has a sunrise – after all, that’s how we all begin. But if you sit and think about it, we have missed so many sunrises in our lives it’s almost impossible to count them all. In youth, it was simply because you slept late. But as we’ve aged, we are usually sitting in traffic while the sun rises. We’re either on our cell phones yelling, or receiving the yell from an angry boss. Or, we are complaining that the sun is in our eyes, or that the drivers are too slow and that we’re caught in traffic far too many hours of our lives, etcetera. Being positive about a sunrise sounds almost like a Disney fairytale, but then, Robert Wilson comes along with this talents and skills and things change.

See the Sunrise With the Wisdom of Robert Wilson!
An omnipotent mediation watch the sunrise in your third eye to start your day.
Sunrise Meditation

Robert Wilson, with his amazing company Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching, is the subject that we have been speaking about for a while now, and all you readers are listening. You are all excited about someone who has the ability to offer up a new look at life and get us back on track to bringing ourselves wealth and prosperity. Wisdom did NOT go out with the disappearance of the ancient oracles, by the way. Wisdom still very much exists in the world – it has simply been buried under that ultimate “bottom line” and other worries and issues that are driving people crazy. But over the past few months, I have met up with Robert Wilson and discovered certain ‘techniques’ that one can use to increase their wisdom and open up their minds in order to let their creative genius flow.

Hypnotherapy, professional coaching, life coaching, regression specialist, neuro-linguistic life coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Therapist – even Reiki master – are titles that Robert Wilson owns. He is a man who, at one point in his life, got down. He was brought down by his inner self and could not seem to find a way out. The worry, drama, heartache – everything that comes with the negative aspects of life and the worry of money, fell around him as he worked in his day-to-day job and was kept in a sort of ‘box’ that he could not break free from. When Robert Wilson stepped away from that and began to learn some truly outstanding methods and skill sets in this world, he became a true motivator for others.

You know how it is. You will take no advice from someone who does not know what you’ve been through, or are going through. Well, with Robert Wilson, his hypnotherapy, books, CD’s, programs – all of these work – for the simple fact that they DO come from someone who has lived on the other end of the spectrum and found a way to change; to alter his life so that his mind could be opened and success could be achieved.

As the sun rises in this particular CD, the horizon is literally lit up with promise – the promise of a new day to come that could very well bring some monumental changes to our lives. Robert Wilson brings us into a harmonic state of mind that lets us expand our creativity, and put in motion the ideas that we have kept hidden for a lifetime. With Robert Wilson’s words and techniques, it IS possible to allow a cascading cash flow to enter into your life. You CAN expand your affluence, and end up achieving all that you never ALLOWED yourself to achieve.

“I am floating on a big, white, puffy cloud in total bliss after listening to your Sunrise Meditation CD as the new day dawns! Your voice is so soothing and with such warmth and caring that listening to you melts away any day to day concerns, and paints the brand new day ahead filled with hope, joy and loving kindness. Thank you, Rob, for this gift and promise of a bright new day!” ~ Mary Burgess

Robert Wilson and Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching offer these incredible downloadable audio recordings that use professional hypnosis techniques to literally change lives. Robert Wilson finds a way to allow us all to make fundamental changes in our everyday world and to do everything from learn time management to increase our cash flow to gaining the ability to quit living from paycheck to paycheck. And he has the amazing ability – which everyone on the internet is finding out – of being able to help us all stop condemning, complaining, and criticizing ourselves and others.

From these CDs to his amazing books, as well as Rob Wilson’s show on Be Wisdom radio, people are actually finally listening and realizing that they can experience their desired life and not just feel stuck in the one they have at this moment in time. And for companies and businesses, Rob Wilson’s coaching and motivational expertise certainly comes in handy, let me tell you. The man offers speaking engagements that touch on all sorts of subjects from money to goals to leadership to the very real and true ability to achieve success. He offers a wide array of subjects from which to choose from that will not only aid you in your work life, but in your personal life as well.

In my own articles I usually touch on books, seeing as that my desired life evolves around writing. And with the plethora of negative books that seem to be coming out in droves, it is no wonder that one of our all time favorite things to do in order to relax – read – has become something of another chore that we have in our lives. Books were originally created to teach, offer enjoyment, and be life-affirming works of art that made us feel better. Now, concentrating on war, death, and the economic crisis has turned the written word into something else. Robert Wilson is among the very few people who still understand and want to instruct others by utilizing life-affirming techniques – that actually work!

People, we need to see that sunrise again. And to do this, Robert Wilson and Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching is the place to begin!

Amy Lignor
The Write Companion

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Expand Your Life

Robert Wilson is a man who is truly a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to helping others – and I mean helping others. This is not a showman in the center ring at a circus, or a part of society that seems to be bringing us all down, or trying to sell us products. This is a man who uses his heart, mind, talents, skills and soul to bring people who are stuck in the muck and mire of their lives to a new level of freedom.

Robert Wilson was one of the lucky people on this planet who discovered things he had never known existed. He was also able to use that discovery and expand his life into something more – something more fulfilling, innovative and creative. The most wonderful gift that Robert Wilson could possibly give to the world is that, after finding this incredible way to live, understand, learn, and find a path to a better place within himself, he turned it around and offered it to the millions of others out there – one and all – who needed help.

Robert Wilson Delves Into the Difference Between Change And Expansion
A new way to open eyes to relish life.

Expand Your Life

We need to have a “tune-up”, so to speak, in our minds. Why? Because we have been living in a world that is based on fear, economic downfall, war – heck, almost everything we watch on the news is something tragic. What we don’t seem to realize is, in a way, we have all been very much programmed by society our whole lives. We have been programmed to regard chaos as a natural everyday occurrence. We have been programmed to believe that our success is measured on the amount of money we make. But this is all a mistake – and Robert Wilson is the voice that tells us why.

The books Robert Wilson has written, his incredible radio show, his articles – everything he has worked on to make our lives better though his amazing company Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching has been proven to really work. We have been taking in-depth looks into the one-of-a-kind CDs that Robert Wilson has put together to help the rest of us succeed and achieve. And today, I wish to speak about one that really struck home with me – one that truly brought clarity to my mind, and made all of the negativity that is around me – around all of us – simply fade away, because I actually finally got it!

The CD is titled, Expand Your Life, and in it Robert Wilson talks about the difference between expanding and changing. He speaks extremely clearly about the fact that the word ‘change’ has limitations. Think about it. Your attitude can change from negative to positive and back again, depending on how you feel at the moment. You can change from angry to happy, and back again. Change really does nothing for you, except keep you in the same place and not allow you to simply drop your self-limiting beliefs and move on. However, when you delete that word from your vocabulary and insert the word expand instead, everything becomes extremely clear.

When you expand your life, expand your beliefs, expand your vision, you are allowing yourself to step out from the umbrella that the world has throw above you, the umbrella that stops you from taking flight. Expanding is infinite; there are absolutely no limitations when you expand your world. You drop all those self-limiting beliefs that come with ‘fitting’ yourself into the correct ‘nook or cranny’ that you’ve been trained to fit into. And what Robert Wilson says on this CD that really inspired me was when he offered the image of a soaring eagle.

An eagle is an intense creature who has no holds on him. When the storms come in, he simply soars above them so he will not be stopped by anything; nothing gets in the soaring eagle’s way. Now, think about that. If we could all let go, expand our vision, open our minds to other possibilities, we could be the eagles soaring above the chaos, negativity and ridiculousness that comes from the economy, politics, poverty-conscious society – everything. We would be giving ourselves the permission we feel we need to have in order to do more, and use our innovation, creativeness, and beauty that we all have inside ourselves. And it is quite honest, once you listen to this CD, that you will come out knowing when you are that soaring eagle, there is nothing that can stop you. You automatically drop that fear, you unwrap yourself from that cloak of stealth control that society has been using since almost the beginning of time. You are free.

Robert Wilson also makes another outstanding point in this particular CD, and that is – if you look back, history has been written by society. The historical articles that have been written focus on war, manipulation, industrial revolutions, depressions, and truly frightening subjects that have kept people in their place. They have kept many people living out their days to simply get to retirement – instead of enjoying life as the years go forward. They have written the history and we are reading it.

Now is not the time to simply sit by and read what others have said throughout history – now is the time to relax, sit back, and listen to Robert Wilson as he shows us that majestic sky that we can soar through. He is not only showing us a picture of that stunning eagle flying over the landscape, he is showing and proving the fact, in no uncertain terms, that the eagle in our minds can be real – if we simply step out from underneath the weight that’s been placed on us and give ourselves permission to expand and soar!

Bring back the belief in ourselves; become the master’s of our own destinies once again, and learn that it is beneficial to be the student as well as the master – the student who, every single day, learns something new and worthwhile to expand our lives for the better.

Robert Wilson has a great many titles in his life, but the one I respect the most when I hear something of this magnitude is instructor. He is. He is an instructor, a mentor, and a friend who literally uses the old adage of Occam’s Razor. Why do I ay that? Because Robert Wilson proves time and time again with all of his books, CD’s, and the incredible services and programs that he offers through Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching that the simplest answer IS the right one. The simplest answer is for us to believe in ourselves and drop the negativity that is holding us back and limiting just how far we can travel.

It is time to learn how to be that soaring eagle, and this CD is most definitely the way to begin that amazing journey!

Amy Lignor
The Write Companion

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Money Is My Friend

Money. When people think about it, talk about it, brood over it – money is the one thing that seems to make everyone go into bouts of anger, frustration, jealousy, envy, or just plain depression. “Money is the root of all evil,” they say, but Robert Wilson reminds us all that money is NOT the root of all evil, it is what people do with the money that brings about the ‘evil’ part of having wealth.

Robert Wilson Tells Us All Why Money is Actually Our Friend
Download a new way to view money
Money Is My Friend

Money is a very difficult entity to understand, mostly because we were all raised to believe things like: The one with the most money wins; Money is the key to happiness; Your success is judged by the amount of money you make…and the list goes on and on. When companies talk about money it is all about retirement – instead of ever speaking about using money to enjoy life right now. When politicos talk about money, they are constantly talking about how there isn’t any, or that the economy is falling apart. They talk about jobless rates, and the fact that no one can keep their houses anymore. Everything about money is shown to the rest of us in a completely negative manner.

But Robert Wilson, as I have stated in the past, is a man who seems to know far more than others. Or, perhaps it is simply because he remembers the ‘constant’ that the rest of us have forgotten over time. Occam’s Razor: The simplest answer is the right one. This theory seems to have slipped the minds of a great many in this world, and that is because of the fact that our minds are not programmed to believe, live life, enjoy life, and have the ability to actually ‘call forth’ money so that it can flow into our lives like a waterfall.

Everyone is now shaking their heads across the globe as they read that last line, but think about it! We blame money. Why? Because we work our behinds off at jobs most of us don’t really like to do in order to pay the bills, support the family, save for retirement and, yes, these are all major factors in life. But when you blame someone or something, do you really believe they are going to come anywhere near you? If you blame money instead of believing that money is your friend, then it simply won’t arrive.

Money will flow from innovation, creation, motivation and the ability to drop our fears and self-limiting beliefs and step out into the world. It will flow from the simple fact that we are using our brains, hearts and souls to create. Innovation is the key – that entrepreneurial spirit that all of us have buried under the fear, greed, jealousy, and need when it comes to money.

We are living now and have been raised on the fact that this is a poverty-conscious society. Fear is the most abundant gift we have in our lives instead of what it should be – innovation. We were once creative when we came onto this earth to begin our lives – but over time this has changed into having absolute fear that we will find ourselves on a street corner with nothing: No food, no clothes, begging for some caring person to share their wealth with us. But we don’t HAVE to be that way. We can open our eyes and see the fact that this poverty-conscious society was given to us. The government, the lawmakers, the corporations, the ‘big guys’ who simply run the world, collect their money, and don’t care about what others think. And, as everyone will remember, a poverty-conscious society is easier to handle, which is why the world around us keeps that fear ingrained in our daily lives.

Robert Wilson makes it abundantly clear and easily understood through this CD and his outstanding books, as well as services and programs that are offered through Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching, that money is our friend and WILL come to us if we see it as such. Money will flow to people who step forth and use their innovation. Money will also flow to the people who understand it. The people who understand that it is not the end all and be all of life; that our happiness, our creations, and our ideas do not have anything to do with money. What all of our ideas and hope have to do with, is us. When we expand our wisdom, words and emotions such as change, need, want, greed, and selfish go right out the window. Instead they are taken over by passion and desire – which will make the money flow into our lives.

Money is our friend when we see it as such. Money can be had by all of us who learn to expand our minds and not dote on the fact that without that billion dollars there is simply no way to have any type of life. If money is the only thing you think about – the main focus of all you do – then the worry sets in. You feel as if you’re failing, and the loneliness, depression, pain – these emotions are right there in the forefront of your mind. Which means that you blame money for your issues. The more you believe this, the more devastated you will become. And the worst part is you are missing out on life!

With passion, desire, creativity, and innovation the money will flow into your life. And that is what Robert Wilson speaks so amazingly about in this CD. Now all readers should know that Mr. Wilson’s CDs are not only a truly refreshing way to learn the truth and find a way to make your life better, but he is also an expert at Hypnotherapy which allows his ideas to really be heard by you. You can feel the words, you see the ways you can expand your life and have money literally flow right into the cracks and crevices that have been missing wealth and prosperity.

As Robert Wilson does with his stellar writings including books, articles, videos and more, his CD’s are most likely the one thing that the rest of us have been missing. We can improve our lives by letting this truly amazing man take us past our negativity and expand our minds. Only then, will the money flow!

Amy Lignor
The Write Companion

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Words – Therapeutic, Life-Affirming, and Pure Wisdom

Robert Wilson’s Words: Therapeutic, Life-Affirming and Pure Wisdom This writer has been speaking a great deal about Robert Wilson over these past few months, and the ‘heralding’ has brought this person closer to the forefront of the rest of the world, which makes me beyond happy.

This is the man who has become an instructor, mentor and friend to myself and many others, giving a large part of himself and his time in order to make the rest of our lives better. I can list the titles and degrees that Robert Wilson has again and again, but his background is such a small part of who he is; therefore, with this article, we are going to speak about his words. The orator, Robert Wilson, can sit before a computer and write messages, articles, create CDs, videos, books – with words that are so powerful they simply cannot be forgotten.

Robert Wilson is known to have a proven method of being able to open people’s minds and allow them to drop their barriers, release their fears, and unveil the capabilities and talents that they have had inside them since the beginning of time. His company, Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching has helped so many individuals achieve their dreams and goals and get further in their lives, by offering wisdom. This wisdom comes in many forms but it is based on his incredible words; his life-affirming treasure-trove of words. Letting Go was just one ‘piece’ that we spoke about that Robert Wilson created. With this recording, he presents words like a gift that should be placed under the Christmas tree – they’re that good. He teaches you that YOU are the most important thing in your world. Yes, your family, friends, job, etc. – these are important, as well. But Robert Wilson reminds one and all that if YOU are not happy with yourself, then there is no way to bring about happiness in others. You are basically just working until the final moment where it will be one bright light and then… poof! The scariest part about that? When the bright light comes everything you wanted to do during the short time you had down here is STILL on that shelf, or in that drawer waiting for ‘someday’ to appear.

Robert Wilson also used stunning words when he spoke about eagles that prepare for a storm by sitting on a high perch. As the storm begins and the heavens open, the eagles put their wings out, allowing them to glide above the fray of the storm. He was able to make us all think about that – about releasing our fears and simply allowing ourselves to soar above the drama, pain and darkness that the storm was unleashing upon our heads. His words were the essence that made us believe that we could fly above our challenges and adversity, and allow every single day of our lives to be a new life lesson. The lessons I’ve learned from Robert Wilson’s words are as in-depth and exciting as the words I’ve read by Shakespeare (just in a different context, of course). By giving our full attention to challenges, we are overlooking the opportunities that those challenges are giving to us. Personal, financial and spiritual growth only occur when our eyes, mind, heart, soul, spirit and body are wide open to attaining knowledge through adversity and those challenges.

Knowledge used to be something that all people wanted to gain. From the ancient Greeks to the Romans to the Egyptians – all people who walked the face of the earth at one time wanted to learn. They wanted to gain as much understanding as they possibly could, and did not shy away from that, or fear that learning would somehow make them feel inadequate or unintelligent Robert Wilson professes wisdom; he heralds the fact that we should all open our minds and learn more each and every day. He is also the man who told us that when we look into our own personal mirrors we can see divine love, honesty, authenticity, emotional, spiritual, financial, and personal freedom. He told us that we could see humor, magnificence, glowing wisdom, and expanded understanding when we looked in our mirrors. Robert Wilson was the one who saw that in his mirror first, and has offered that amazing gift – with his words – of allowing us to see that in our mirror and in ourselves.

Robert Wilson has told us and proven to us that to move forward in our lives we must first decide who we are. He asked the questions: Who are you right now? Are you looking at your own life instead of looking around at somebody else’s? How do you accept yourself right now? And with those honest, forthright questions, Robert Wilson told us outright that accepting who we are doesn’t automatically mean we like who we are. It simply gives us a place to start, a jumping off point where we can open our minds and learn!

I believe that the reason Robert Wilson is so unique in his life and in his coaching is the fact that he knows that his learning is not over. He still expands his understanding and tries to bring forth new experiences and keep his mind, heart and soul open to see what’s around the next corner. A great many people in Robert Wilson’s industry are done learning. They wish to profess and preach all they know to others, but they don’t seem to want to learn anything for themselves. This is unfortunate; for you always want a teacher or a mentor who is not telling you what to do, they are leading you down a path that will enhance you life and walk down that path with you. The books Robert Wilson has written, his incredible radio show, his articles – everything he has worked on to make our lives better though his amazing company Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching has been proven to really work. But, again, his words are what reach into his client’s hearts and makes them see that nothing is impossible, and that they have had the answers and the strength inside of them all the time. He told us all that when you expand your life, expand your beliefs, expand your vision, you are allowing yourself to step out from under the umbrella that the world has thrown above you, the umbrella that stops you from taking flight. And Robert Wilson told us that when we drop all those self-limiting beliefs that come with trying to ‘fit’ into the correct ‘nook or cranny’ that we’ve been trained to fit into, our life can begin.

Letting go, expanding our wisdom, soaring like eagles – Robert Wilson gives his intensity, innovation, and creativity to every single one of his clients, and has the skill and talent inside him to change the world.

In many ways it feels as if this world was waiting for a person to arrive and ‘shout out’ to everyone that we need to believe in ourselves again. Belief in the fact that we can gain intelligence, knowledge, hope, faith, love and peace by simply allowing ourselves to do it. I, for one, am thrilled that this master of words is among my generation, and I am also greedy enough to say that I truly hope his words never stop being offered to the rest of us. Make 2012 a year of learning!

Amy Lignor
The Write Companion

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The History of Talk Radio

The history of talk radio shows a definite improvement with the inclusion of Robert Wilson and Cowboy Wisdom!

It all began because the world wished to express and debate political opinions back in the 1920’s. It was an Aimee (Semple McPherson), who began her own radio broadcasts during this time period and purchased her own station, KFSG, which went on the air in February of 1924.

In the mid-1930’s, a controversial radio priest by the name of Father Charles Coughlin began his own radio broadcasts that ended up reaching millions per week. And in 1935, a national forum called America’s Town Meeting of the Air began broadcasting once a week, and providing the world with discussions from some of the biggest newsmakers; and, it was the first time that audience participation (members of the studio audience) was welcome; they could do everything from question the guests to heckle them, if they wanted to.

Talk radio came about in 1945 when, oddly enough, a man by the name of Barry Gray became bored with playing just music on the radio and decided to put a telephone receiver up to his microphone to talk with bandleader, Woody Herman. This moment was soon followed with listener call-ins, and with Gray going down in history as the “father of Talk Radio.”

I mention these particular radio shows for a purpose. One thing that we should all keep in mind is that, with every single one of these shows, when they first arrived on the radio, the American public was a bit frightened of them all. Don’t believe me? The War of the Worlds was an episode of the American Radio drama series that was performed on Halloween Eve in 1938. Airing over the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network, this ‘fictional show’ was narrated and performed by Orson Welles. Although this was an adaptation of H.G. Wells’ novel, people began having heart attacks all across the land in their own living rooms. The first two-thirds of this sixty-minute broadcast were presented as a series of simulated “news bulletins,” telling people that an actual alien invasion was occurring. Seeing as that the show ran with no commercial breaks, the listeners truly believed that they were under a serious, paranormal attack.

Radio was a new science and brought about a new sort of fear. Politics scared people because they really had no idea what their government was going to do, or what danger they were being placed in at any given time; and some of the ideas that were circulated were frightening. When it came to religion, lines began to be drawn, and some of the ‘ideas’ and ‘hellfire’ also scared listeners, bringing about new fears in the country. And, of course, when it came to music – through each and every genre that came about – more and more people drew lines between the world of country and that ‘devil-made’ rock-n’-roll – fearful of the new sound that was reaching their children’s ears.

In 2011, there are a great many radio shows. From talk radio to music channels, to politics, religion, community, local, PBS stations – everything that you can possibly choose from – yet, there is still that fear when it comes to something new. I recently spoke about a man who has come on to the radio waves that, quite frankly, should’ve been there long before now. Loyalty, integrity, honesty, a learned mind, AND one of the most relaxing and entertaining voices on the radio – this man goes by the name of Robert Wilson.

Robert Wilson and Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching Radio has been grabbing people’s attention to say the least. This one extraordinary individual has been able to take life’s negatives and turn them into positives. He has brought guests to the masses that stem from the world of writing, and soon will bring more from music and other areas that involve creativity, imagination and the ability to find wealth and wisdom in your everyday life.

When I first began my ‘quest’ to discover Robert Wilson and what he was all about, I came to find that through all of his works including his Daily Visions CDs, as well as his amazing nonfiction books titled, The Wisdom of a Cowboy and The Visions of a Cowboy – Mr. Wilson does not provide empty words. This is not a man who is a ‘motivational speaker’ who thought he could make a buck. Robert Wilson has proven to a pessimist like me, as well as a ton of others, that he has something truly learned to say that aids the rest of us. Actual words of wisdom stem from a man who has been stuck in triumphs, adversity and moments where he struggled to find the answers to expand the wisdom and wealth in his own life.

Yes, there are those who don’t quite understand the skills that Robert Wilson owns. And what I mean by that is, the fact that Robert Wilson is a hypnotherapist, a motivational speaker, a Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach, an NLP Practitioner, and more. But this is not a ‘new age’ radio program we are speaking about, this is a program with a truly fantastic interviewer and some amazing guests. This is a show that offers people a chance to relax, have a cup of coffee and learn so much about artists in other areas of life – a perfect radio show that Talk Radio has been missing for years.

Many radio shows as well as news programs are constantly debating – not discussing, mind you, debating – they are protesting and being as extremely negative as humanly possible when speaking about economics or politics, wars or famine – the harsh subjects of this world. They do NOT offer solutions, ways of looking at things in a positive light so that we can go forward and re-gain America. They do not speak the words that allow Americans to feel good and want to work hard to get this country back in shape, they actually simply put on a new version of “War of the Worlds” every time their program hits the airwaves. Only difference? They aren’t putting on a ‘show,’ they’re actually trying to make the rest of us so scared that we don’t even want to come out of our homes, and we remain with a negative and pessimistic outlook no matter what subject someone is speaking about. People say this is highly important. I agree. It is important to know the truth and how to solve it. It is not important to beat the population down into such depression that they can longer seem to stand up.

Robert Wilson changes that. He gives solutions to difficult situations and throws in some seriously fun and rejuvenating entertainment. In fact, he has such phenomenal interviewing skills that the guests, themselves, drop their celebrity façade and sound like the ‘kids’ they used to be – their heart, soul and passion is issued across the airwaves into homes that could use a big boost of positivity.

Many call-in programs were out there in the past, but it was in 1965 that KTKK in Salt Lake City independently developed the all-talk format, and adopted a full time talk schedule. Beginning with local talent and local guests, this is now a station that can boast having a schedule featuring the most local talent and entertainment that audiences simply love.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, many listeners abandoned AM music formats for the FM radio world. It is then that the Talk Radio format began to catch on in major cities. Dallas, Cincinnati, New York, Los Angeles – they all came on board and made the switch to all-talk as their ratings slumped due to listeners heading to the FM band.

Politics became huge with conservative hosts Rush Limbaugh as well as Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, and a slew of others. A group of syndicates picked up religious shows with Billy Graham, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, and more. And then the conservative talk show hosts were blended in with people like Dennis Miller, who brought comedy and entertainment to some pretty tough subjects. Soon, Talk Radio headed into the world of alternative, mostly notorious and outspoken talk radio hosts, like Bob Grant and Morton Downey, Jr., then on to the raunchy ‘shock jocks’ like Howard Stern and Don Imus.

Talk Radio has become a solid staple of the American folk, but as we all know the voice needs to be charismatic and the interview skills have to be well done, and offer the listener a true experience that they will wish to have each and every day – and THAT is what Robert Wilson gives!

For all you listeners out there who are looking for a great radio show that teaches, entertains and shows solutions to some seriously difficult questions – Robert Wilson and Cowboy Wisdom Radio is a new voice that is the voice to choose!

Amy Lignor
The Write Companion

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The Missing Wisdom

“You need to get out of your own way.” My grandfather, like many other people’s grandparents, said these words a great deal. He always said it with a smile on his face and love in his heart, and… he was absolutely right.

Grandparents have wisdom. They know what’s good and bad for your life, and they want nothing more than for you to succeed, learn from their mistakes, and be HAPPY! You would think these three things would be easy to do. BUT, getting out of our own way is sometimes harder than learning how to perform brain surgery.

As time passes, grandparents, unfortunately, go to a more peaceful place and we end up lacking something very important in our daily lives – WISDOM! And, that’s where Robert Wilson comes in.

Robert Wilson asks: How do you let your daily life steal your dreams? You do you know. This is not a trick question. This is a very easy subject to approach, just a difficult situation to change. Robert Wilson is a cowboy, for lack of a better word. He has instinct, creativity, skill, intelligence, AND wisdom! I have been introducing everyone to the power and strength that this man has been able to pass on to others; and the help and support he has provided is so monumental that it is very hard to put into words. Robert Wilson is a man who would grow up to change lives, simply by beginning with his own.

More words of wisdom from Robert Wilson:

Today, people are so ingrained with a ‘moldy old imprint’ from times past, that they already have negativity as they begin their journey to start a business; wanting instant success and wealth. Today people are far too impatient and lack the prosperity and maturity to understand they must expand their core décor before they will be blissfully blessed with financial, personal, and spiritual abundance.

For a very brief recap before moving on, Robert Wilson began a home business where he suddenly found himself surrounded with groups of people who had a positive mindset. He began to listen to people talk, and hear about a different way to live life – a way to alter your negative into positive and save your health, family, open up avenues to increase cash flow, learn time management skills, and stop criticizing yourself! In other words, Robert Wilson became a person who learned the essential steps to set goals and raise expectations, by simply coming to terms with the fact that the biggest challenge we ALL face in this world – and our worst enemy – is our own self.

What is a “motivational thought?” Is this just some mystical phrase that is a trick to make people believe they’re buying into something? No. A motivational thought comes from wisdom – it comes from sitting down with someone who actually cares and knows their business. It comes from a person who has the unique skill and ability to let you explore your own mind, and learn to find that peaceful existence where you can work harder and achieve more BUT not drive yourself crazy doing it.

Again, the wisdom of Robert Wilson:

We are tied to history and we hear many stories about instant success but no matter how people arrived at their wealth, it is a good assumption that they have been engaged in some sort of business activity for at least ten to thirteen years before they landed on the plateau of wealth.

Every time this man speaks, he offers in-depth statements that – if you truly sit down and read them – you will find yourself understanding for the first time ever how YOU can achieve all that you wish to achieve in life. And you will not just see the world through rose-colored glasses or, the unfortunate opposite, black lenses that offer no light to shine through whatsoever.

Robert Wilson is a man of many talents and abilities. He is a:

  • Certified Professional Coach. He is a motivational speaker who actually allows you the ability to see all of your life’s possibilities. A respected teacher and mentor – Robert Wilson has been touted mostly as a trusted friend – which is the only ‘person’ any of us really want to hear wisdom from in the first place.
  • Regression Specialist – someone who owns the particular skill of regression therapy, which helps in all aspects of your life. With a trained specialist in this area, anxiety, depression, and the blockades that you have put on yourself can be removed. In addition, one of the most amazing things that a Regression Specialist can offer, is the ability to help you gain self confidence and raise your self esteem. Robert Wilson, with this skill, can give you peace of mind and decrease the tension that is harming your health and mind on a daily basis.
  • Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. An explanation? Neuro refers to the nervous system, with the biggest piece being the brain, where everything – all experiences in life – are filed, cataloged and recorded. A life coach is someone who can sit with us and teach us how to process ALL this information that runs through our minds at a rate of speed faster than light. Robert Wilson is the coach who allows you to utilize your brain in a positive way so that you can achieve all the results you dream about.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist. AHypnotherapist, which means this ‘true friend’ is a skilled and trained professional who helps you use your own powerful mind to increase motivation, or change behavior patterns that are stopping you from succeeding.
  • Time Line Success Coach – a person who can offer you emotional freedom by taking away all the negatives in your life.
  • Reiki Master – a true spiritualist. Reiki Masters, such as Robert Wilson, uses a technique commonly called palm healing as a form of alternative medicine, and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professionals Through the use of this technique, practitioners believe that they are transferring universal energy (reiki) through the palms, which allows self-healing and a state of balance for the client to experience. Again, Robert Wilson is a true master of all these life-affirming techniques and has been able to heal, advise, coach, and find a way to really help people do better and live happier, stress-free lives.

Enlightenment is real. This is no parlor trick or magician’s tool. Robert Wilson combines his talents to bring wisdom to people in all realms – from spiritual to financial. He has actually found a way – a proven way – to make us all let go of the “limitations” we have put on ourselves, and give us a way to set aside the daily grind that is truly turning us all into the undead while we are still very much ALIVE!

Robert Wilson, with his amazing company Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching, offers a way to get our lives back on track! With this friend, we are given the chance to bring back true wisdom into our lives that we haven’t heard in a very long time. Wisdom that will allow us to remove the shackles that we put on OURSELVES, and actually achieve all that we want to achieve!

I want to bring to your attention to the affirmations that Robert Wilson provides in his speeches, writings – and lives by in his daily life. To read these is one thing; to scan them and nod your head is another. But to actually sit quietly and absorb these statements, will show you a way to get through ALL the situations you’re going through and come out on the other side BETTER than before.

Three Affirmations:

  • I now understand life gets in the way of life. I will now free my inner landscape to see the world as the goose that lays my never-ending flow of golden eggs in the right way, in a loving way under grace… in a perfect way.
  • I encompass the omnipotent ‘oomph’ to vehemently facilitate all facets of my life in a bold brilliant way today and every day in a zealous zillionaire way.
  • I encompass the gallant gusto to real-eyes when I let go of the moldy old rusty ways. I unleash my expanding energies to live my life in a lavish luxurious way today and every day in a rich, milk chocolate way.

These are newe’ words, more’cool sayings than Grandma and Grandpa had in their time period. But in the end, Robert Wilson makes sure that we know we are all the King and Queen of our own castle! Life can NOT take us down unless we let it! And we CAN get out of our own way before it’s too late. Robert Wilson is a friend, yes. But, unlike other friends, he is a visionary who actually has the ability to give you a brand new outlook on life!

Amy Lignor
The Writer Companion

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Hypnotherapy = Health

Robert Wilson Can Add More Years to YOUR Life! The innovative, intelligent, and extremely unique gifts that Robert Wilson has in abundance have all combined as a sort of trilogy in order to help humans live healthier lives. Robert Wilson has proven to one and all that he is a motivator. He has the ability to open up your mind and allow YOU to find a way past mental blockades that YOU have put in place to stop yourselves from doing better, achieving more, making more money, and being able to live a peaceful, worry-free existence.

Now YOU say, there is no way humanly possibly to live a worry-free life? Actually… there is. The world has a tremendous weight and power that sits upon all our shoulders, and the pessimism and negativity that comes from that world causes us far more harm than good. We begin to rely on the fact that recessions, wars, job loss, relationship loss, and low self-esteem – are just things we have to deal with and work around, instead of just finding a way to bypass all of this junk and move on to a better, happier life.

One of the skill sets that Robert Wilson owns is being a Hypnotherapist. Now, I know, there are those shaking their heads and rolling their eyes right now, saying ‘guru,’ in their minds; BUT, whether you are a believer or a non-believer, hypnotherapy has actually proven itself to work. As with anything in life, naysayer’s are only naysayer’s because they don’t have a full understanding of the topic. Once your mind understands the topic, it is able to be accepted by even the most dubious people in the world. So, let’s discuss hypnotherapy.

This didn’t all begin yesterday – this is not a ‘new age’ science – hypnotherapy was around in the 1800’s, beginning with the concept (proven concept) of hypnosis. Doctor’s coined the phrase to mean “sleep of the nervous system.” Why is that? Because at its most simplistic definition, the trouble we find ourselves in and the weight of the world we carry on our shoulders, makes us nervous. Nerves are where pain, worry, tension, stress – and heart attacks come from. If you ask any medical professional today, smoking, eating red meat, being overweight – these are all catalysts to bring about an early death. BUT, what actually ‘takes us out,’ people, is our nerves; how worry and stress cause our blood pressures to rise and our nerves to constrict.

Ancient Greeks used hypnosis. Again, just another point to prove that this is not an unexplored science. Basically, a person who is hypnotized shows unusual characteristics compared with a non-hypnotized person. Why? Because when you are under hypnosis you calm down! Your brain is allowed to wander and be free, and talk about all that’s bothering you. When we are ‘awake,’ we live by a set of social, cultural and moral rules that have told us to be silent and uncommunicative about our issues and feelings – and by holding everything in, we are never able to be free – and we are causing irreparable harm to our hearts, brains, and nervous systems.

Hypnosis is a science, not a carnival trick. Mesmerism is not what we are speaking about here. A therapist like Robert Wilson does not ‘put you under’ and mesmerize you, he offers you a safe way to think and feel that does not harm your nerves or cause health issues. It is a type of freedom that one can not experience in daily life – when we’re too busy trying to find out where the next check is coming from in order to pay the mortgage, or the kid’s college education.

There were two very different men who fought a long time ago in the mid-18th century about what hypnosis really was. A man by the name of Mesmer said that healing people was about the trance and being able to channel a force he called “animal magnetism” (a phrase that means something far different today.) This idea formed, however, a huge school of thought that was coined Mesmerism. A Scottish surgeon named, Braid, came along and said that theory was basically ridiculous. He proposed that hypnotism was the true science. Braid argued that Mesmerism was simply a trick played on humans that combined “nervous fatigue” with “verbal suggestion.” Braid was a doctor, and he offered his theory of hypnosis which did not rely on the ‘supernatural forces,’ that Mesmer was talking about. The British Medical Association (BMA) joined with the surgeon and condemned the ‘occult theories’ of Mesmerism. They said that hypnosis was real, and the premise of animal magnetism – could not be proven.

So what is a hypnotherapist? This is a REAL therapist who uses hypnosis as a primary way of assisting clients to achieve their goals. They differ from other therapists, because they focus on your subconscious – what the world has ‘planted’ in your mind on a daily basis, and how it has negatively affected your life and behavior.

In the Federal Dictionary of Occupational Titles, a hypnotherapist is literally a doctor who induces hypnotic state in their client to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns. They consult with clients to determine the nature of a problem, and prepare clients to enter hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what the client will experience. They test a subject to determine degree of physical and emotional suggestibility, then induce hypnotic state in clients, using individualized methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results, and analysis of the client’s problem. They may even train clients in self-hypnosis conditioning.

Traditional hypnotherapy has long been used to help people with their issues, problems, and even hysterias when it came to various things in their lives. By using this extremely calm, peaceful, and non-threatening form of medicine, anyone has the ability to simply let go of the bad so that they can then experience the good.

As a side note, even everyone’s favorite therapist, Sigmund Freud, in 1895, co-wrote and co-published a clinical text entitled, Studies in Hysteria, discussing and promoting this approach to psychotherapy.

As you can see – if you really read up and open your mind to the fact that there are things you know nothing about going on in your brain – then you will see that hypnotherapy is quite real and has been helping people for centuries.

And, remember, the brain is the only piece of the human body that no doctor can fully explain. There are experts in various realms of medicine, but in the end, even they shrug their shoulders once in a while because there is NO way to fully understand an organ that does SO much. Your brain is taking in everything at all milliseconds of every single day. It is recording, sorting, and filing; the brain is making judgments, decisions, and plans. It controls the entire network of your body! There are parts of your brain that ARE floating in space, for lack of a better term. There are many who doctors call left-handed brains – who are pure artistry. These are the creative types who write, paint, sculpt, and form big dreams that they strive to make come true during their lifetimes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are right-handed brains that are more analytic, and are grounded in reality, so to speak. But think about it! Every single one of these people has the ‘whole’ brain in there, so everyone has both sides! Which means, even if you are grounded in reality your brain KNOWS that there is something more going on. And with hypnotherapy, you can mend fences, fix issues, and find a way to allow yourself to be open, free, and let go of the weight of the world you’ve taken on your shoulders!

Robert Wilson is a stunning representation of a hypnotherapist, because he not only has the skill and the background to understand and practice hypnotherapy, but he also has the faith, drive, passion, and belief that is necessary in order to help others grow and feel better about themselves.

Don’t live on pessimism. If you do not believe in hypnotherapy, try one session. As all realistic ones know, you have to actually attempt something before being able to call it ‘silly.’ Therefore, now that the world knows that Robert Wilson is a kind, good, and honest man who knows his practice and his business, go forward and allow yourself to see, learn, and know that there IS a way to make your life better, put more money in your wallet, and let some of that stress go.

In other words, with Robert Wilson’s skill, YOU have a chance to save your own life!

Any Lignor
The Write Companion

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$10,000,000 Meditation

The decision is not how, but when will you authorize the $10,000,000 million check to be in your bank. Can you imagine filling out the deposit slip, and endorsing the back in your name to you?

Ever feel as though someone knows the secret to health, wealth and success and if only they could share the steps with you; you would have this information and utilize it too?

Exceedingly, abundantly, bold, motivated, action-oriented, humbly- ordained gunfighters all have certain traits and share commonalities that link their success.

The Ten Million Dollar Meditation opens your innovative talent dynamically.
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Robert Wilson’s Wave of Success

Over the past few months, we have been speaking about a truly brilliant mind who works in the world of Hypnotherapy. In fact, this is but one of the skills that Robert Wilson has to his name. If you remember, other titles such as Certified Professional Coach; Regression Specialist (which basically is a trained specialist in the areas of anxiety, depression, and the blockades that people put upon themselves) are also skill sets of Robert Wilson. His motivational speaking techniques are monumentally interesting as well as beyond helpful, and the fact that he is also a Reiki Master – a true spiritualist – as well as a Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Clinical Therapist – he is automatically, to this writer, a man who certainly has the ability to help others. And, let’s be complexly honest here, we need the help.

Our lives are very much wrapped up in the world of money. Yes, we have other interests such as family, religion or spiritualism, as well as hobbies, etc., but the ability to really enjoy daily life seems to be fading more and more with each new bad news story that we are faced with.

Recently, I was given a truly ‘hypnotic’ CD that offered a new way of looking at life. In fact, Robert Wilson and his company, Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching has a variety of these types of CD’s, books and programs that delve into our individual mindsets. They have a way of offering each and every one of us the relaxation we need, but WHILE relaxing, we are also taught some invaluable lessons that can alter our very lives.

I have just completed listening to a 10 Million Dollar Meditation. No, this is not a Publisher’s Clearing House commercial, this is an absolute truthful CD that gives everyone the power to open their minds and not only see but, finally understand, what it takes to bring wealth and prosperity into their lives. And no, I am not only speaking about a paycheck or a new bank account – I am also speaking about bringing the prosperity of riches into your life that include powerful and life-enhancing relationships.

To begin – and this is a line that all listeners will remember – Robert Wilson explains why the tape is named such as it is, because if you put together all the wealth in the world and divide it between each and every one of us equally – our share would be ten million dollars a piece. Can you imagine that? By divine right, if this is something that happened, that ten million dollars would be ours – no muss, no fuss, no questions asked. The list of what you could do with a million dollars is endless, let alone what you could do with ten.

As you listen to Robert Wilson’s incredible voice (which actually puts you in a state of relaxation all by itself), he brings you to that place. That beautiful location where you can stand atop a cliff and stare out at the mighty ocean. There are steps there that will lead you down to the beach below, where you can stand all day and watch the most beautiful natural surroundings you’ve ever seen. But what happens with Robert Wilson’s hypnotherapy technique, is that as you relax – as you let go of the wealth of negativity that surrounds you on a daily basis – your mind begins to open. You begin to open up and allow all your creative ideas that you hold back or keep hidden during your day-to-day life come forth. You feel almost liberated from your own shell as you expand your creative genius. This is what happens when all the fear and negativity disappears – you are able to do, think and live all the dreams you have cooped up inside but are too afraid to try for in your daily life.

As you stand by Robert Wilson’s side and watch those waves, he speaks to you of how all that negativity is literally being pulled out to sea by the waves, leaving you with nothing but the ability to open up your mind and see the brilliance that you’ve owned all along. To this writer, I was almost reminded of a baby. You know? How when we first come into the world we are as of yet untarnished by what we will hear or learn? To us, there is no bad news as of yet; our minds are open and the creative juices are flowing. It is only as we age when the world or the lessons that we are taught tend to diminish that feeling of empowerment.

With Robert Wilson’s CD, as the negativity goes out into the ocean and we stand with ourselves and begin to love the fact that we are who we are, our creative juices begin to flow. That idea that we had begins to catch on. That product we always wanted to create sparks everyone’s interest and it begins to sell. When that selling begins, our popularity climbs, and what happens is that we can then visualize that incoming wave. That one wave that is growing larger and larger the closer it comes to the beach. Is this something to be afraid of? No. This is something that should make you beyond joyous, for that wave is bringing you the wealth. That wave is filled with checks and cash that are simply coming to you because you put your ideas in motion. You let go of the negative worry and fear that you had been holding on to, and with hard work and patience you and your product, company, or relationship has become bigger and better with every breath.

Robert Wilson also helps you to visualize and listen for that doorbell. You can see a man walking down the sidewalk towards your house. And when that doorbell rings, this person presents you with that check – that ten million dollar check that is yours simply because you took the time to invest in yourself without worrying about the bad things that could happen. You were able to release that inner creative genius of yours, and the payback was ten-fold.

This is not silly. This is not some foolish idea that you are just too busy to see in action. Robert Wilson, as we’ve spoken about week after week, is actually proving to one and all that if we WOULD take the time to stop and listen, that ten million dollars transforms from a fantastical dream into a reality. I have said before that it will come as a big surprise to many that some of the legends of science like Freud and Einstein believed in the power of energy, chakras, spirituality and hypnotherapy techniques, yet this type of medicine disappeared over time, as reality was told to the masses instead of allowing the masses to think for themselves.

Robert Wilson has brought back a very real way to rediscover our wisdom and I, for one, think that all of us hardworking individuals should get that ten million dollar check. But in order to receive, we have to be willing to receive, and Robert Wilson is the man to show us how!

With a Smile in My Heart Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching Cowboy Wisdom NLP Radio Tuesday and Thursday’s 9:30PM EST, 8:30PM CST, 7:30PM MST, 6:30PM PST, at www.blogtalkradio.com/cwbywsdm. Call in number 718-305-6548 www.cowboy-wisdom.com For more information, Go to: http://cowboy-wisdom.com

The Ten Million Dollar Meditation opens your innovative talent dynamically.
Purchase and download it now!


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Philosophy is Not a Dying Art

The more I listen, learn and grow with Robert Wilson and the wealth of intelligence that he provides with his Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching company, CDs, books – everything that he offers to the rest of us – I have begun to grasp something that I didn’t see at the beginning of my journey with this man. And that is the fact that he is reinstituting something that has truly been missing in this world – philosophy.

Yes, I can see groups out there rolling their eyes. Who needs philosophy? (That, by the way, is the same as asking who needs intelligence?) We now live on what Socrates used to call “the grasping of the tangible,” which used to drive this famous philosopher nuts. We watch the green and red blinking lights of the stock market. We listen to the news to ascertain the difference between love and hate. We learn our bigotry, sloth, and any other deadly sin you want to name, through the power of our television sets as we listen and learn from presidential candidates to rulers of countries who prove on a daily basis that they do not give one iota about their own people. They care only what the world of business and industry cares about – the bottom line.

This almost feels like we are telling our children to learn from people who continue to make mistakes that cause everything from war to financial collapse, to become the people they will one day become. Even religious followers roll their eyes at the word philosophy even though it was a science based on divine insight, and the belief that the soul was immortal.

Philosophers, way back when, were the only ones that people turned to. Not medicine men, not scientific scholars – but the philosophers who actually made sense to the people. They began to believe that knowledge was an important thing to have. Observation, study, recollection, LEARNING, was the major issue of life. And that – the power of learning – went away.

But what if there are still words that make a difference? What if there are still people out there who can offer you advice in a manner that causes you to release your stress and feel empowered? You would begin to like yourself again. You would begin to learn and even make money, because you opened up your mind, you tossed out the lessons being taught on MSN Money, etc., and you took your own ideas – your own creativity – and established wealth. Can this happen? Or do we simply look back on men wearing toga’s and think of Animal House instead of the sheer brilliance that they used to teach others – proven brilliance that helped ‘the people’ find love, live longer and make money.

On absolutely every subject from politics to art, religion to science, to justice, medicine, virtue, vice, crime and punishment, philosophers – the people with WISDOM – had something to say that made sense.

Now, The Wisdom of a Cowboy and The Visions of a Cowboy are certainly titles that are not similar to Plato’s Republic, but in this modern age Mr. Wilson has hit the nail on the proverbial head. A cowboy, in fact, IS our modern-day philosopher. The icon in our heads is of a man who rides the range and collects wisdom through thoughts, nature, and his talks with any higher power he may believe in along the way. They are the older men who have that wisdom that can’t be learned from a television set – it can only be learned from being able to find that peace inside of themselves and achieve the empowerment that comes with it.

A cowboy, just like Robert Wilson, does not provide empty words. This is also not a man who can be categorized as one of those motivational speakers who stand on a stages in their business suits with the look of a salesmen in their eyes. Robert Wilson, as we’ve stated in the past, can give you a list of degrees and specialties if that is what you feel is necessary to prove himself as a professional. Being a hypnotherapist, a motivational speaker (which in Robert Wilson lingo is a confidant and a friend), a Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach, an NLP Practitioner… this list goes on. But in truth, this man is a pure philosopher who is driving the point home that WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE are NOT things of the past – they are things that MUST be honed by each and every one of us in order to make our lives better!

Most people believe that only if something is graspable in their hands, is it real. However, that would basically cut out all of the interesting things in life: art, poetry, creative writing, music – all of these and more are based on creative thinking and allowing your brain to accept things that aren’t tangible. They come from the mind. In essence, it would mean taking away everything that defines us as the people we are inside – how we operate and what we believe in.

Philosophy, logic, ethics – all of these things are real – perhaps not tangible, but absolutely the basis of who we are, and can not be overlooked. It comes as a true blessing – especially to the creative types and believers in this world – that Robert Wilson with his enigmatic words has even spread out across the radio waves with his Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching Radio. Not only is he offering shows that help one and all find a way to bring wealth and love into their lives, but he is also standing behind the writers, musicians, and creative beings who wish to give this world back the ingenuity, beliefs, hope and imagination that we’ve been missing.

The togas are gone, and a cowboy hat has replaced them, but the meaning is still the same. Robert Wilson gives solutions and a true learning environment using his phenomenal list of skills, changing the extremely negative into the extremely positive, and giving us all a path that will lead us back to the world of learning.

Amy Lignor
The Writer Companion

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